Dad is dating again

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Again, I'm not judging you Just giving you some points to think about. Wishing you and your father peace. Thank you for your reply. I feel like a horrible, selfish child about this. He sat there for 3 years, alone. He waited an appropriate amount of time. I know that he is still greiving. I keep saying these things over and over again in my head. Trying to make myself ok with all of this. I have been reading all of these nightmares about men who have lost their wives. They rush right in to a relationship with another woman.

Many times marrying her and leaving his children. Granted, my father did not rush right into a new relationship, but because she is so young I am apprehensive. We have had no contact with this woman.

Dating The Divorced Man (how to date a divorced man)

But, through the internet and Facebook, we know that she was married once and has no children. I call her vile and disgusting because of the things that she has posted on Facebook. She talks about sleeping around. She posts half naked pictures of herself. My parents never talked like that. They raised us to not speak like that. Too me, there is only one reason that a 39 year old trashy woman would be interested in a 68 year old, nicely dressed man.

And that's where "sugar daddy" comes to mind. I am so afraid that this is going to turn into one of those nightmare stories. Are there good stories out there about widowers just being with someone for companionship, fun and intimacy? Does this girl know that dad is not looking for love? I truly want him to be happy.

All 3 of us do. I know that the only person that truly made him happy was mom. That he is just living out his days on Earth until he is with her again in heaven. And he said that. He said that he is going to spend eternity with mom.

Men latest

But for the love of Christ, WHY this woman?? My husband tells me that I am over thinking this. He asked me "has your father ever lied to you"?

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So why is this so hard?? When my sisters and I suggested to him dating, we wanted it to be with a woman his own age. To grab a cup of coffee. Not to jump right into bed with some 39 year old less than desirable member of society. Thank you so much for your perspective. My husband and my best friend all say let him go and let him have fun.

It is so incredibly difficult to picture your father with someone who is not your mother. Hopefully, I pray, everything will be ok.

How Should I React as an Adult if My Dad Is Dating? | Synonym

That this is just what it is That my dad's experience will be one of those "good" stories that you can't find on the internet about widowers dating. I'd like to apologize about my first post. I think I came off being too harsh and I didn't mean to be. No, you are definitely not a horrible, selfish child! My Dad was a basket case immediately, and we wanted him to find someone as quickly as possible. Yes, keep saying those things over and over again if it makes you feel better.

No one can replace your mother!!! But your Dad still needs company. Yes, you have good reason to be suspicious, cautious, concerned. So if you haven't actually met this woman yet, why not? Does your Dad not want you to meet her? Is she curious to meet you? Seeing her for yourselves may either calm your fears or confirm them, but at least you'll know. Yes, from your description, it does sound like there are some red flags there. We really spread the word and that is how my Dad started dating.

NO, I don't think you are over thinking this at all!!! Excuse me, but that is such a man thing to say. It definitely takes some getting used to, but it is no longer difficult to see my Dad with his "partner". In fact, I find it funny that my Dad still "asks permission" to bring her places with him, when for me, it is a given. She has become a wonderful part of our family, without replacing my Mom. Actually meeting this woman, might actually shed a lot of light on their relationship. I really appreciated your fresh take on my situation.

10 dating tips for widows and widowers

The only people that I have discussed this with are my husband, my younger sister and a friend. I was curious as to what someone outside of our family might offer. Someone who may have gone through the same thing. It has been 3 weeks since I found out. For my own sanity I need to come to terms with this. I am consumed with it. She is everything opposite of how we were raised.