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  2. Who is Victoria’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Victoria of f(x)
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Here's a proof of Khuntoria's support for her. It was not Victoria's fans who are mentioned, but Khuntoria's fans. I should also dislike Khuntoria fans cause they gave Khun a hard time when Khun was dating Tiffany, but just like Khun I appreciate the support they gave to both artists and their loyalty.

savage Victoria ends Khuntoria and WGM - Page 2 - Celebrity News & Gossip - OneHallyu

More than delulu, it's called being grateful to fans who mostly were not even 2PM or f x fans b4 WGM. Posted 29 December - Every extreme fan is messy. Nichkhun went on public relationship with Tiffany. Dealing with Khuntoria fans comments it's part of the game.

They were a popular couple during WGM, she posted a picture last year of a chocolate she received from Khuntoria fans and now she wants people to forget Khuntoria?

Who is Victoria’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Victoria of f(x)

Uhmmm tf who can tolerate stans who continuously throw a fit whenever she interacts with her co stars and act like she owes her life to them Fuck off with that bullshit. Any crazy fan will act the same annoying way. Khuntoria fans are fans of a couple from a show, and what about fans of idol group ships who acted the same way as Khuntoria fans? I've seen people on western supporting for many years couples from series that I don't see khuntoria as sth so harmfull to be eliminated, even in music, after break ups there are people who still support the couple.

Khun had the hardest time when Khuntoria said he was cheating on Victoria for dating Tiffany, but the next year he was waving and smilling for Khuntoria fans who supported his solo activities in China. Fans don't owe the idols life, but they spend money to support their careers, so don't kill their ilusions this way Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

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They have the most delusional shippers in WGM next to Yongseo. They are unbelievable, some of them cry real tears when some news about one of the ship's members saying something against wgm but right away some other shipper start to confort the "group" exposing all kinds of "facts" and wgm captions that make them keep "believing" ,I swear they are a hardcore psychiatric case. Khuntoria fans were harassing her for quite a while, I don't blame her. B Superstar Member 4, posts. Let the girl live, she should be able to tell the truth without being attacked.

It's not like she insulted khun or anything, she was being honest. It would have been worse if she had lied and stooped down to a delusional level like her shippers. This is why I despise shipping real life people, it always gets uncomfortable for the people being shipped because entitled fans think they should be catered to all the time so their feelings don't get hurt.

They are humans with feelings just as much as we are. Up, Up and Away!

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    Marriage not dating e13

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    New girlfriend of Nichkhun. Started by elmas, May 29 AM. Back to top 2 no actually he is dating 2pm members but mickey too anyways I'm happy as long as khun is.